Broken Relationships Museum


General information:

Museum of Broken Relationships

Sv. Ćirila i Metoda 2

T: 01 4851 021

About the museum

The Museum of Broken Relationships grew from a travelling exhibition with the concept of failed relationships and their ruins. Unlike the “destructive” self-help instructions on how to recover from a failed love, the Museum provides an opportunity for everyone to overcome an emotional breakdown in a creative way: by contributing to the Museum.

Whatever the motivation for donating personal items – mere exhibitionism, therapeutic relief or a simple curiosity – people have embraced the exposure of their love legacy as a kind of ritual, a solemn ceremony. Society celebrates our marriages, funerals, and even graduation ceremonies, but denies us any formal recognition of the tragic end of a relationship, despite a strong emotional impact. In the words of Roland Barthes from A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments: “Every passion, ultimately, has its spectator… There is no amorous oblation without a final theater.”

The concept of the Museum was envisioned by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić in Croatia, and it has since toured the world and gathered an incredible collection. Although often coloured by personal experience, local culture and history, the presented exhibits form unique patterns, and it is up to us to discover them and find comfort in them. Let’s hope that it will also inspire our personal search for deeper insights and strengthen our faith in something more meaningful than just pain.