Museum of Contemporary Art


General information:

Museum of Contemporary Art

Avenija Dubrovnik 17

T: 01 6052 700

About the museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art is the most impressive and largest museum exhibition space for modern and contemporary art in this part of Europe and has more than 12,000 works of local and foreign artists. The works have been collected for more than half a century, since the founding of the museum in 1954, and cover the period from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. They are made in a variety of media – painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics, photography, video, film, installation, Internet art, etc.

The Museum presents its collection in a permanent exhibition on the 3,500 square meters; and in the space for temporary exhibitions of 1,500 square meters, it present thematic and retrospective exhibitions of the most important authors and figures of the Croatian and international contemporary art scene.

The Museum has been operating since 2009 in the new building which allows us to hold various multimedia events. For this reason, we have become the centre of not only the visual arts, but also music, dance and theatre.

We also want to emphasize our special feature, a 90 meters long LED screen on which we project video art works and communicate with passers-by, walkers, drivers, and not just the museum audience.

The Museum also organizes a large number of educational programmes – guided tours, art workshops, lectures, round tables, etc.