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Zoological Garden of Zagreb

Maksimirski perivoj bb

T: 01 2302 198

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Zoological Garden of Zagreb is located in the over 200 year-old Maksimir Park. It is located almost in the centre of town, and it is a popular place for relaxation and fun. It was founded back in 1925, and began modestly, with three foxes and two forest owls. Today, it is home to about 360 species of animals and almost 8,000 specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates from almost every continent.

Zagreb Zoo belongs to a group of so-called Ivy Zoos, famous zoos of long history and tradition that preserve old buildings and cherish their heritage by building a bridge between the past and the present. Within this framework, our mission is not only to present and display plant and animal species, but also the protection of protected and endangered species, in addition to promoting the idea of preserving nature and animals, and sustainable development in all parts of society.

We pay great attention to the education that we conduct for our visitors through specialized programmes and events related to the world of nature (biology of species, habitats, etc.). The extent that the visitors recognize the value and activities we continuously promote is demonstrated by the fact that the Zoo is one of the most visited tourist sites in  Croatia.